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I have been lucky enough to have been nominated by Danielle over at Gallivanting The Globe for a Liebster Award. So Thank You Danielle! What is a Liebster Award? Well, it’s an award for bloggers by other bloggers. It’s intention is to discover and recognize new blogs into the blogging world.

Following the guidelines for this Liebster Award nomination I must first answer the 11 questions provided by Danielle’s post, and then I’ll nominate additional bloggers with my own set of questions for them. So, here goes nothing!

Questions From Danielle:


1. Tell us 11 fun facts about yourself.

  1. When I was 18 I started to get my pilot’s license, I even landed a plane by myself. But, it was really expensive so I didn’t continue. I’d like to do it again someday.
  2. I thought bungee jumping was more scary than skydiving.
  3. I love huge summer thunderstorms when it’s super hot and humid.
  4. I wish I could eliminate all the light pollution so you could see all the stars and the Milky Way every night, no matter where you are.
  5. I actually hate getting my picture taken.
  6. If I could live on a self-sustaining farm in the jungle without any money, I probably would.
  7. Everywhere I go, I see a hummingbird. Everywhere. My mom says it’s my grandmother coming to say hello, she loved hummingbirds.
  8. I don’t enjoy vacations where you just sit on the beach and relax.
  9. Some might say I’m a cat lady.
  10. I love to be alone in the middle of an amazing landscape.
  11. I’ve become somewhat of a beer snob and the lack of beer variety in Peru drives me crazy. I just want a saison!

2. What’s the longest single vacation you’ve taken or would like to take?

I don’t really consider my travels a vacation because I wasn’t taking time off from anything, so I guess I haven’t taken it yet. In the future if I do end up with some kind of steady job where I get proper vacation time again, I’d probably go somewhere with a large variety of stuff to do so I could maximize my time there.

3. What are your favorite airlines or third-party sites for finding cheap flights?

I have used Hopper quite a lot when planning a trip. Hopper is great for figuring out when to buy your ticket, what days are cheaper to fly on and what other people have found when they were searching for similar flights. I also found Hipmunk to be one of the cheaper search engines and is my go-to for flights now.

4. Have you ever had a memorable surprise that totally changed your trip for the better? Tell us about it!

I can’t really think of many surprises, because to me a surprise on a trip is just a regular part of travelling. Surprises aren’t really surprises when travelling. I know I’ve had ‘surprises’ which are really just changes of events that have been great. Maybe meeting a husband when travelling was my biggest surprised that definitely changed the whole trip and my life for the better.

I met him about one month into my trip, and at that point nothing was serious at all, we were just friends. Months after I had left the city we had met, he invited me to go with him to visit his grandmother, and I had nothing else planned, so I went. I guess that was a surprise that completely changed the trip. It as a good two weeks we had almost alone in the tiny mountain village where his grandmother lived.

There was no one else around, his grandmother was gone with her goats all day and there was no internet or anything else there. We got to know each other pretty well and we didn’t get sick of each other. I ended up spending the rest of my trip with him, and now we’re married.

5. What was the worst trip you had? What did you or could you have done to salvage it?

I don’t think I’ve had my worst trip yet. Anytime something goes wrong you just have to take it in stride, nothing in life ever goes perfectly. You just have to go with the flow and if something is going wrong, then just change your perspective on it and learn to find something amusing in it.

I’ve been on 24 hour bus rides where the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, but what can you really do about a situation like that? Nothing. It’s no fun, but all you can do is sit back and wait, sleep or talk to someone nearby who is likely also as bored as you.

6. If you could go back 5 years, what would you tell yourself?

Leave now! I graduated from university 5 years ago and had no job prospects, no money and a steady boyfriend who wanted to go to do his Master’s in a city I didn’t especially want to move to. I should have just gone with my gut and left for a while. He was studying all the time, so he wouldn’t have really missed me.

One thing I’ve learned is you don’t really need much money to travel. You need to have money for your plane tickets, and then when you’re on the ground there are many ways to travel for almost nothing and get free accommodation. So I’d say, just go now, see what happens and if I come up empty handed and return home earlier than expected, so what.

7. What made you start a blog? Who/what keeps you inspired? Feel free to link to specific people, places, things.

I started a blog because I saw there was not a whole lot of information on Peru already on the internet when I was doing searches for things to do in Peru. I was writing articles for another website and people always told me I write really well. I’m also pretty quiet in real life, I don’t especially enjoy talking, so writing is a better way for me to communicate.

The second time around in Peru I had started a really simple blog just to inform friends and family what I was up to. This time I decided to make a more legitimate blog because I feel like I definitely have some valuable information to spread to people who are interested in coming to Peru or about travel in general.

I don’t think there is any one or two people who really keep me inspired to keep the blog going, but I’m part of a few travel blogging groups on Facebook and I follow a lot of interesting travel bloggers on Twitter that I find rally interesting and I enjoy reading other people’s stories.

8. What are your passions?

Honestly, this is kind of a hard question. I don’t really have a passion, and maybe that’s what makes me a little boring and quiet sometimes. I feel most alive when I’m sitting in the middle of a forest, the top of a mountain, the edge of a lake, somewhere in the vastness of nature where I can be quiet and just enjoy my surroundings. So I guess travelling would be my passion because I can find these places.

Travelling is a great way to meet people but also get away from them sometimes. That’s why it’s nice to travel solo, you can be with other people as much or as little as you want. I like travelling because you can really be in control of everything you are doing. Even if  you are stuck in a situation that is completely out of your control, you put yourself in that situation and you have no one else to blame, you have to rely on yourself.

I also enjoy travelling because the quality of people you meet just seems to be higher. There’s something about other long-term travellers that is hard to explain, but they are just great people.

9. Share a story of a time when you did something out of your comfort zone. Was it a good or bad experience?

I think I have an overly large comfort zone compared to a lot of people. For example, I just went to the jungle with an old friend and he kept saying how out of his comfort zone he was and I just kept thinking how much inside my comfort zone I was.

I think living the typical American dream life with the perfect job, husband, white picket fence and that life is out of my comfort zone. I had that and I was not enjoying it. While it was not a bad experience and I didn’t dislike my life at the time, I definitely felt uncomfortable in it. Without that experience I wouldn’t have been able to leave it and pursue something more interesting and find a partner in life who shares similar views.

So it was a good experience, but something I don’t think I’d go back to. I definitely have a different perspective on life, and when I do return to Canada and get a ‘regular’ job then I’ll be able to recognize when I need a change.

10. What features on your blog are most important or useful to you? Is it a widget, plugin, some custom feature of your theme, etc?

I love the overall theme of my blog, it has all the features you can imagine. It took a while to find a theme I liked and that had everything I wanted, which is why it took a little longer than expected to get my blog up and running. I like that I can add in all my social media feeds right onto the site so you can see what I’m doing and connect with me wherever you feel comfortable.

11. What are your blogging goals for the rest of the year? Are you looking for a better theme, learning HTML, better implementation of SEO, etc?

Some blogging goals, hmm. I guess I want to get better at gaining traffic. But mostly I just want to write some articles I really feel the internet is currently lacking, which might be a big task in itself since the internet has almost everything already. If I write good content and implement all the SEO knowledge I currently have, then traffic will start to drive itself soon enough, I just have to wait for that.

I’d like to learn some more custom coding. I know a little thanks to a previous job and it’d be interesting to expand on that. I know how to tweak code, but writing my own is a whole other story.

Oh, and I want to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator well enough to make my own logo and some graphics eventually. Right now I have no clue how to use it, but I’ll get there. For now a little Photoshop will be sufficient.

My Liebster Award Nominations

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  2. In your post, be sure to answer all the questions I’ve provided below.

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  6. Once your post is completely, come back and comment with the link to your post so I can see all your answers.

Questions For Liebster Award Nominees

  1. What are 11 interesting facts about you?

  2. Where was your first trip and how did it impact you?

  3. What’s your most hilarious or ridiculous travel story?

  4. What do you find is the most difficult part of travelling?

  5. How connected are you while you’re travelling? Do you prefer to stay offline, or in contact as much as possible?

  6. What is something you will always splurge on when abroad?

  7. What do you miss most about home or your country?

  8. What’s your favourite part about blogging and why?

  9. If you can give advice to anyone starting a new blog, what would it be?

  10. Do you have any regrets?

  11. Why do you travel?


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