About me


Welcome to Mal’s Away!

Why hello there! Thanks for coming to check out my site. You’re awesome.

I guess you want to know a little bit about myself. I’m Mallory, but people call me Mal, and you can too.

I moved almost 4000 miles away from home.

This blog is about my life in Peru and travels in South America. What started out as a journey to South America turned into a lifetime tied to Peru. How you ask? Well where to start….

What’s My Story?

I was born on the east coast of Canada in beautiful Nova Scotia 28 years ago, but raised in Kingston, Ontario. Life there was easy and quiet. I was always somewhat the odd one out in the family because I always wanted to do things differently than my brother and sister. While they are homebodies, I always wanted to see the world and travel.

I have that innate need to explore, I think it’s in my genes (according to National Geographic). Something I don’t think my siblings were fortunate enough to receive.

I haven’t actually travelled that extensively, well, beyond Peru.

In 2006 I was searching for places to go on my gap year and came across a volunteer program in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. I hadn’t even considered going to South America but it looked like the perfect option.

In the end, I didn’t take a year off but I did spend my 19th birthday in Peru. I went by myself which completely freaked my parents out, but I’m glad I went solo.

Seven years later I decided to abandon my life in Canada and go travelling to South America again. I found a cheap flight to Lima, so back to Peru I went.

What was supposed to be one month in Peru before going to other countries turned into 9 months in Peru with one week in Ecuador. I went all over the country, seeing more than most people ever imagine.

In April 2014, I had to return to Canada for lack of money and visa. I spent almost a year working like crazy and saving up money to return to Peru more permanently in May 2015. I only returned to Peru once for my wedding during that time. I met a wonderful Peruvian man, named Camilo, and we got married in Lima in November 2014.

After Canada refused to let Camilo enter on a visitor’s visa, I knew it was my turn to move to Peru. I quit my wonderful job and got rid of most of my possessions.

So here I am, living in Peru. We do plan to live in Canada if the government will grant him permission to go. If not, I like Peru and don’t mind living here in Cusco.

Everything on this site is based off my personal experiences or opinions.

I hope you enjoy my stories and if you have any questions about Peru, just shoot me an e-mail or contact me through social media.